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Open Positions at Girls For A Change in Partnership With Americorps

AmeriCorps is an organization that partners the various skills of American citizens with different non-profit or agencies, and we’ve partnered with them to offer several job opportunities. We’re looking for skilled individuals in Richmond to help us out with various tasks such as research, communication, and development.  The Americorp Process:  To apply for these positions,…

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How I Become An Artist In A Week

“I became an artist in a week!” This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s my reality. I gained this skill through the Creative Industry Camp, a camp dedicated to young, talented, teenage girls of color who are aspiring fashionistas.  Before I was a participant of the camp, I didn’t know how to draw and…

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Opportunity Happens When You Breakdown Barriers

Did you know that across all fields in the Design/Fashion industry, just 3% of practitioners in are black while 73% are white? Among the many limitations to design careers that girls of color face, lack of funding for design + arts education in public school systems is first in line. Exposure to design is critical…

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