Meet Our CEO

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Angela Patton, a native of Richmond, Virginia, has been a strong advocate and champion of Black girls for 13 years in the non-profit sector, as Chief Executive Officer of Girls For A Change (GFAC), and as Founder of CAMP DIVA, now one of GFAC’s flagship programs.  Patton has successfully led Girls For A Change in its endeavors to address the unique challenges faced by Black girls in order to support and inspire them to find their voices, see needs and make change happen, and embark on a path to uplift themselves, their families and their communities through after school and summer enrichment/leadership programs focused on creating social change in their midst. While advancing these efforts, Patton has established partnerships with five universities, expanded GFAC programs to underserved communities across the country, and overseen the creation of over 200 social change projects conceptualized by girls.  One of those projects was the subject of her 2012 TEDWomen talk.  Currently, Patton is working to expand GFAC programs to create more spaces where girls can be seen, heard, and celebrated and where they can feel empowered to take the leap and lead.